I am currently busy prevising away full-time at The Third Floor, so I cannot do any freelance work at the moment. 
That said, if you have any questions or want to ask me about the weather, feel free to drop me a message anyway :)


Let’s start it off in the most cliché way possible (Although it is true):
It seems that I was always interested in creating stories, starting off as a child making short movies with LEGO and my parents’ camera, recording shorts outside with my friends, to learning my first 3D Software – Cinema 4D in my spare time while in Secondary School. That last one being the major influence on why I decided to study Animation at College where I learned the basics of Autodesk Maya and then continued to learn and gain more knowledge and skills at Escape Studios.

It was somewhere during that period of time that I decided to specialise in Cinematography in 3D and due to being a student and not owning a render farm to render short-films etc. I decided to learn Unreal Engine by myself, to use it as a “renderer” in real-time, which after a short while, I fell in love with and made me want to explore cinematography in Games further.

In addition, seeing, playing and experiencing narrative driven games that seemed very “cinematic”, like Heavy Rain, Until Dawn, Hidden Agenda and Detroit: Become Human (And also games like Witcher, Assassin's Creed, etc.) is also one of the major factors that made me want to work in Games industry, where I believe this “lifelike” cinematography is still a relatively new area, still being explored and I’d love to be a part of it. I was always inspired and motivated by games like these and I’m very excited to see that more and more games are starting to include very filmic-like cutscenes in their games, from Assassin’s Creed (Although AC always had them, they are just getting better with newer releases) and Vampyr to God of War and Total War even.

I’m also a self-taught pianist (Although still far from good) and I hope to learn how to compose as I always enjoyed orchestral music and film scores. Apart from that, I always loved aviation and I hope to get a private license one day.

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